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I called last week to go over something on my credit report and the Customer Service Rep. decided she needed to go over my address history.

I verified a few old addresses with her and then verified my current mailing address. She added every single address on my account and input my mailing address wrong. I seriously cannot understand how someone can get this wrong. I called today to fix this issue and the Customer Service Rep.

I spoke to was so generic. All I was looking for is some advice on why the previous Rep. did this and to change my address to the correct address. So I went through all of the questions she must ask to verify my identity..then she asked me FOR MY MAILING ADDRESS.

Dude. I just told this lady that another Rep. input the wrong address and IDK WHICH ADDRESS IT IS. She did not listen to anything I was saying..just kept asking me for it.

So I gave her my REAL mailing address. She verified that it was on my I then give her the addresses I see on my credit history "changes". She verifies with me that all 3 of the other addresses are on there to. I then tell her that THOSE ADDRESSES ARE NOT MINE AND ONE IS NOT EVEN REAL.

All she would say is "Do you want me to delete them"? UHH yeah! Are you kidding me? She did not even respond about the fact this this other dumb *** Rep.

input all the wrong information. This is such *** That could of potentially gone really bad for me if I did not know the addresses she added.

This is terrible customer service. She should of looked up who was helping me and why they entered those addresses for no reason.

I'm not sure if someone can reach out to me about this from Trans union...preferably a supervisor who's first language is English.

Product or Service Mentioned: Transunion Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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