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Went to do a credit freeze. Clicked through various links for Transunion and it wanted credit card info; I entered it and submitted and then immediately felt it didn't look right.

(It's been a little over a week, so don't exactly remember). I received email stating it was $19.95 for monitoring and some other stuff. I immediately cancelled and received an email 2 minutes after first email whose subject line read: Your subscription end date. I figured I was all set.

Checked my Visa online a few days later and see there is no credit. I then looked at the "cancellation" email and in the body of the email it states: "Your subscription is ending soon" and the "is ending soon" is highlighted with yellow. I guess they figure this makes them "okay" legally.

So I have opened a dispute claim. What a scam.

Product or Service Mentioned: Transunion Credit Monitoring.

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Same thing here. I called and complained forcefully until the lady agree to refund my account. Scam artists!


The same thing happened to me a retired lawyer. I am going to contact the Colorado Attorney General's office about this.

I thought I was paying a one time charge for the freeze and I unknowingly was charged for "credit monitoring services". When both my wife and I called to cancel the person tried to keep us on it by offering a special rate.

We declined. Ridiculous!

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