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To the public....Transunion credit reporting agency acts irrationally by putting a derogative report on my credit report! I will like to warn people that this company appears to be a part of desperate debt collection agency! Any one/company could sell your disputed case or profile to them, and if they ask you to pay even what you know you never owed, they will simply put a derogative report on your credit report! This is really sad, just because they have the power, they use such powers to damage people's credit report! Don't let their action bother you...even "their action too will pass"

To you TRANSUNION; what you have recently done to my credit report is an eye opener, i know your company stands to destroy humble innocent people who are actively working so hard to build or repair and establish a positive credit scores, I HAVE MADE A FIRM RESOLUTION, NEVER EVER TO BUY OR USE MONEY THAT I DON'T HAVE, what you have done is causing many lenders and financial institutions who feeds on loaning people money to loose well meaning clients! So in a way i like to say thank you so much for putting false derogative report on my record though it was unwarranted, but you've taught me a bitter lesson by the use of your official power to destroy my credit ratings, no new report will get to your company, I'm getting out of debt completely!

To the public...lets work out a way of getting out of debts, lets quite buying stuff on credit, any company offering a contract service isn't worth it, going the "pay as you go" is the best option to be free from incorrigible debt collectors, and credit reporting companies. Bottom line, spend only what you have after saving some for the future! If you have none, then spend none!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Transunion Credit Report.

Reason of review: Approving inappropriate credit report by a debt collection who was claiming monies i do not owe!.

TransUnion Cons: Fact that they work hand in hand with debt collecting agency.

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