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Come after Equifax's security issues, consumer may wish to lock their credit on it and the other two credit agencies. Experian absolutely no issue at all, Equifax's website down for now.

To lock your credit on Transunion you must sign up on their website, afterward you see that you also sign up for credit monitoring for $19.95 per month. You call their website, and there is an explanation how to back out.

However, you learn that you have signed up for a month after which your credit lock with them becomes unlocked. There is no way to contact anyone by phone or email.

Product or Service Mentioned: Transunion Credit Monitoring.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $20.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

  • Deceptive Practices
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2019, and they are still doing this. Charge is over $30 now.

Totally deceptive, scummy move. Will dispute on my credit card.


What I ended up doing is this. I disputed the $19.95 charge on my Citi Card credit card.

I wrote a complaint on this and another consumer complaint website (Federal I believe), and I received a notice from TransUnion that my credit monitoring ended and that my credit freeze was unlocked. The disputed credit charge was not challenged by TransUnion and I returned to TransUnion and I maneuvered to the area there where I could freeze my credit without a charge.

To unfreeze it, there will be a $5.00 charge. Hope this helps those who had my experience with TransUnion.


This is not true. You have to navigate through the immense ads that are masking the true free True Identity Credit Lock from TransUnion, which is completely free to use. Here is the direct URL so that you guys don't need an adblocker >


Same scam happened to me. They should be prosecuted.


exact same situation. thought i was signing up for a $5.00 charge to lock my account.

got signed up for $19.95 subscription . no indication of charge before hand, no explanation of what i was getting into. these idiots are as bad as the people i'm trying to deal with (hackers, etc).

next steps is my senator (mccain), BBB, anything else i can think of. run away !!!!


JUst ran into the same issue. 2nd person I spoke with didn't have authorization to reverse the 19.95 charge so I'll be waiting for a reversal of the charge.

Super shady as I wasn't even asked if I wanted Credit Protection.

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