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Good luck trying to cancel. I have been trying for eight months and every month, like clockword, the charge shows up on my statement. Despite 7 phone calls including another 8 today, nothing is resolved.

They had my address at one I haven't lived in nine years. They refuse to refund my monthly fee despite trying to cancel since January. I was cut off several times, re-routed and ultimately resolved nothing.

I now have phone calls into the President of TransUnion, Bobby Mehta; the VP of Communications and the President of Consumer Relations. Next step are the networks. We'll see if I get a phone call back. Granted it's only $80. but it's the principle.

I am a media relations person and if my company treated people like this, I wouldn't blame them for going to the news channels. STAY AWAY FROM TRUE CREDIT AND TRANSUNION UNDER ANY AND ALL CIRCUMSTANCES!!!

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Cancel your credit card and ask for a new one, your bank will be on your side with this.


After finally speaking to all the heads mentioned in my review, I did receive the credit I was due. They did keep their word to follow up.

But it shouldn't have to take that much work to get any company to make good on a deal. BUT THEY DID MAKE GOOD!


I tried to cancel as well, and was charged anyway. I had to dispute the charge with my credit card company.

They force you to listen to this never ending harrassment to keep the service.

Does Phillipine law apply even though were in the US? They are total conartists!

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