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I was trying to get my free yearly credit report,and fell into a trap of a membership with a 19.95 monthly charge. I spoke to the a customer care person and she supposedly canceled the membership but I am unable to delete the account and get my credit card information deleteded ! The reason I gave it to them was because I read they need the information to verify who I was (the trap) then they charged my card, I did not Agree to this monitoring package very shady way to get a customer, it frightens me thinking I cannot trust them with my information

Product or Service Mentioned: Transunion Credit Report.

Reason of review: Unwanted subscription .

Preferred solution: Delete account information,make it simple to get free credit report! Thank you.

TransUnion Cons: Way they tricked you in to amembershipip.

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I had similar experience. They are scrams! I cannot believe a credit bureau does this despicable things.


Same thing happened to me. $109.75 later and I finally realized what was going on... such BS


Transunion did the exact same thing to me. I wanted to check my report but not sign up for a subscription.

The website did not disclose when asking for credit card information that you were signing up for a subscription service. In fact I never saw a fee or check out just a box for identity verification.


Exact same issue. These *** ants have the nerve to sign you up for a $19.95 service without ever disclosing that you are being signed up for a billed service. What {{Redacted}}.


I've cancelled also, but they keep charging me and sending reports! This is BS!


The exact same thing happened to me. I was looking for the free yearly credit report.

Saw no alert that they were charging me 19.95 per month. Only caught it by checking my account balance on line.

What a *** World we are living in now. Beware, Beware.

Transunion says they are cancelling and refunding.....we shall see.

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