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Each time I wish to "lift my security freeze" I try to log into my website credentials, which are always wrong despite the fact that I use strong password management software to track them. Password retreieval procedures never work, so I'm relegated to calling in.

I always end up in another country with customer service reps who clearly don't speak English as a primary language, making an already frustrating and difficult process worse. They want me to use the website to validate my identity to change my username/password (again), which also doesn't work. And, they have no solution....well not one that they can effectively communicate to me. And, I'm never confident they even understand the loop they try to place me in.

So...I effectively have no way to manually lift my security freeze. I have to call another number and have it done by phone. So, this process is about an hour minimum when I wish to use my credit. It's quite disappointing that a company like this, which has access to my personal credit, cannot manage electronic data well, and cannot communicate effectively.

I have no choice but to use them, as they are the anointed credit monitoring agency that can affect me...which is why I place the lock/freeze (no confidence in them or their processes). I plan to complain to my Secretary of State, and with Federal consumer protection agencies to try to effect change. I encourage others to do the same.

It's sad and scary that we can't keep U.S. consumer data processes in the U.S.

Product or Service Mentioned: Transunion Website.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $200.

TransUnion Cons: Customer service, Website function.

  • Security and monitoring
  • Credit bureau file
  • Credit Monitoring
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*** fraud, complaints for years against these thieves yet they're still operating, why? Bc the banksters rule this country, our government and Jon of this *** will ever change until the people on this planet as a whole, you know us that are stuck in modern slavery to make this world go round, and keep the rich , rich , and us struggling daily...

we ban together and actually, do something about it. #Modern Slavery

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