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Update by user Aug 06, 2016

This situation is not remedied and I pulled credit reports that are dated 7/19/2016. They conducted 3 inquiries without my expressed written consent.

It addition to this matter, I would like to point out that if they are a credit monitoring agency then, why is it that I am not receiving any credit monitoring alerts? Show me the signed contract Transunion Interactive I.

Transunion Interactive I is to cease and desist immediately with this "shill" service. They are also to cease and desist with conducting an inquiry without my expressed written authorization.

Update by user Mar 08, 2016

UPDATE 3/8/2016: Under Title 42, U. S.


subsection 1320d-5, the maximum fine is 50,000 per violation and 1,500,000 for each calendar year. It is no longer a 25,000,000 cap for each calendar year as previously stated.

Update by user Feb 26, 2016

UPDATE 2/26/2016:This also includes violations under Honest Services Fraud, Title 18, U. S. C., subsection 1346.

Original review posted by user Feb 14, 2016

On 7/22/2015, I pulled my credit report from Transunion and found that Transunion Interactive conducted a soft inquiry without my written authorization which was conducted on 2/26/2013. Another inquiry was made by Transunion Interactive with my first name that was spelled incorrectly. I did not authorize this inquiry. I've got news for Transunion Interactive. There is no such thing as a soft inquiry-Period. Furthermore, I DID NOT SUBSCRIBE TO THIS SERVICE AT ALL-PERIOD! I believe that these inquiries made on the credit report involves fraud and that this entity doing business as Transunion Interactive (also known as True Credit or True Link) is not legitimate. Why is Transunion Interactive I posing as Transunion with a letter with a Transunion Letter head on their letter dated 7/30/2015. I did not apply for a loan or credit card. I simply pulled a credit report and that is all. First of all, I want to know why they are using my first name(misspelled) and my last name when pulling a credit report without my expressed written authorization. They have no business conducting a soft inquiry for no reason and claimed that I signed up for their services. Especially, when there is no signed contract indicating that I had signed up for their services. SHOW ME THE CONTRACT TRANSUNION INTERACTIVE I (also known as True Credit and True Link). Yeah, that's right, there IS NO SIGNED CONTRACT! Second, I AM NOT PAYING FOR SERVICES THAT I DID NOT SIGN UP FOR!!!! I have a message to send to Transunion Interactive I (also known as True Credit and True Link). That message is to leave MY FRIGGN' CREDIT REPORTS ALONE!!! You DO NOT have my expressed written authorization at all under the Privacy Act of 1974, Social Security Act, Identity Theft Assumption and Deterrence Act of 1998, HIPPA Privacy Act, Right to Financial Privacy Act of 1978. In fact, YOU ARE in violation of Title 18 U. S.C. under 1028a and 7 to possibly include 8. The following is not for sale or is to be transmitted to a third party under Title 18 U. S. C.. They are as follows:

*Social Security Number

*Date of Birth

*Government issued driver's license

*Other numbers

*Physical representation

*Unique biometric data


*Voice Print


*Iris Image

*Unique electronic identification

*Telecommunications identifying information to include access devices such as WI-FI, RFID, RFID chips, RFID antennae, satellite communication, and telecommunications, etc., etc.,

*Document-making capabilities

That also includes violations under U. S. C., Title 18, subsection 1028d and 1, names computers and software applications are included as well under my intellectual property rights as stated above. NONE OF my personal information is for sale, distribution, stored in a retrieval system. That includes fax, e-mail, recordings, fax-scanned, or google-apped via I-phone or I-tablet. In addition, this complaint has been forwarded to additional complaint forums and agencies in regards to this matter until THIS is FULLY RESOLVED and these entities stated in this matter are hereby placed "ON NOTICE"!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Transunion Credit Report.

Reason of review: fraud and no signed contract.

Monetary Loss: $60.

Preferred solution: My solution is already in progress..

TransUnion Cons: Unauthorized credit report pulling in my name.

  • Consumer alert
  • Unauthorized Credit Report Pull
  • Identity Fraud
  • Unauthorized Services
  • Unauthorized Credit Reseller
  • Unauthorized Credit Subsidiary
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In addition to situation, Transunion Interactive I (also known as True Link and True Credit) is in violation of HIPAA Privacy Act which carries a 25,000,000 for each calendar cap year. I arrest my case!


I am not sure as to why this is entitled, "Why is Transunion posing as Transunion?". The correct title is "Why is Transunion Interactive I posing as Transunion?".

I hope the reader takes note of this correction accordingly. This information provided is true, accurate, and to the best of my knowledge. Please spread this information far and wide.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.-Ms. Steamroller.

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